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We are solving customer pain points regarding online products and service transaction settlements through our suite of financial technology products and acquired entities. Like why do customers still have bottlenecks regarding payment settlement in the 21st century?

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What we’re building

At Africa Fintech Limited, we are a holding company soon releasing a suite of innovative financial technology products cutting across the financial ecosystem across Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Our Mission Our Mission Our Mission Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to make payment settlements and financial transactions more accessible and faster for a billion people in the next 10 years. Yes, we are very ambitious with our targets. We empathetically want to solve the financial technology inaccessibility for the incoming internet users on the Africa continent and globally.

We believe you learn how to address Africa’s financial services bottlenecks by focusing on leveraging optimal product and service user experiences at an institutional level while ensuring that a strategic design is phased in for scale across all our suite of financial service software.

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